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By its chemical composition and properties SIMAX glass is a global leader among the types of glass manufactured of clear "hard“ borosilicate glass 3.3“, which excel in high heat and chemical resistance and which are defined by international ISO 3585 Standard and Type I Class A glass of ASTM E438.

A wide range of technical glass tubing, glass rod, and life science glass products, industrial glass and household glassware is made of SIMAX glass. SIMAX glass properties enable its use in markets all over the world where the absolute highest quality is demanded.

Owing to its properties SIMAX glass is utilized there, where the highest demands are made on the products with regard to the heat and chemical resistance and neutrality in relation to substances or preparations, which may be in contact with them. i. e. in chemistry, petrochemical, food and power energy industries, metallurgy, medicine, microbiology, pharmacy, machinery and laboratories.

Products made of SIMAX glass mass are smooth and impervious, perfectly transparent, indifferent to catalysts, corrosion resistant even in a tough environment of up to 300 degrees Centigrade without a sudden temperature variation.

SIMAX glass is very much environmentally-friendly and in terms of environmental protection it is absolutely faultless.

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